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Client Testimonials

"Analyse Africa is my one stop for thousands of indicators across multiple verified sources. It compliments my reports to government, donors and private sector.  Extraction into excel also allows me to analyze the data and extrapolate meaningful trends."
Michelle Morel, CEO and Founder 
The Institute of Research and Analysis (TIRA)  
“Analyse Africa data and reports are very often in line with many of the market trends and issues that our clients are concerned about. It’s a thorough and in-depth source of much-needed information on the continent.”  
Bukky FatusinInternational Lead Manager

Access a vast number of African indicators in one system

Analyse Africa, a service from the Financial Times, aggregates leading global and local data sources on Africa. Researched and put through a rigorous quality control process, Analyse Africa delivers professionally validated data that can be used with confidence in all areas of business.

Download credible African data quickly

Analyse Africa can easily be exported into Excel, Word and PDF format. Self selected charts can be downloaded into Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Save time and money

Analyse Africa provides access to the most comprehensive database of data across the African continent, saving your team time and money on independent research. It really is as easy as selecting your chosen location(s), choosing your key indicators - data, tables and charts will immediately be at your disposal.

Your data questions answered

If you have a question about a certain data selection taken from Analyse Africa, paid licence holders can contact the Analyse Africa team of data specialists. The team collate leading global and local data sources, for the African continent. The reliability of data is assured as data is rigorously cleansed and passed through quality control checks.

Bespoke African reports

Customised reports and data research, delivering vital business intelligence to corporations, financial service organisations, government agencies, multilaterals, consulting firms, academic and research institutions are available on request.

View instant visuals of data selections

Whether you are looking at the political stability, economic potential, infrastructure, social dynamics, trade, banking or finance of the African continent, an African region or country - Analyse Africa enables you to view your data selections in charts and tables. These can easily be downloaded into Word, Excel and PDF format.

Inform your investment strategies

Analyse Africa allows your organisation to develop strategies and identify opportunities based on the latest African data available.

Evaluate and track African economies over time

Tap into Africa’s massive growth potential, spot long-term opportunity and make forecasts with access to hundreds of the most recent indicators on political stability, economic potential, infrastructure, social dynamics, trade and foreign direct investment for African countries.

Analyse historic and current trends at multiple levels

Analyse Africa allows you to analyse the African continent by one or multiple data sources. You can analyse trends by key indicator, continent, by African country or by African region (North, South, East, Central or West). The database features over a decade’s worth of data, dating from the year 2000 to present day.

Validate your recommendations and complement your analysis

Analyse Africa holds credible data, allowing you to validate your recommendations, complement your own analysis and add independent data to your reports, sales presentations and white papers.