Frequently asked questions

What data will I be able to access in Analyse Africa?

Analyse Africa features data from The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, UN agencies, national statistics and government offices.

Each data source is clearly referenced, so that you know exactly which source you are working with at each stage. This also allows accurate quotation in reports and presentations. The database features more than a decade’s worth of data, dating from the year 2000 to the present day. A dedicated team of researchers collate leading global and local data sources, across 54 African countries. The data goes through rigorous data cleansing and quality control checks. 

How is the African data categorised?

Data is categorised into key groups:

Banking and finance            Economic potential             Foreign direct investment

Infrastructure                       Political stability                  Social dynamics

Labour                                 Trade                                 Environment


How often is the data collected and updated? How reliable is the African data?

As soon as data sources are released, (typically at different times of the year, dependent on the source) our team of researchers run the data through cleansing checks and quality control procedures before adding to the database.  

Can I download the data?

Yes, the data can be exported quickly and easily into Excel, CSV and PDF format.

I would like to see how the system works, can I have a demonstration?

Please call +44 (0)20 7775 6900 or complete the contact us form to request a demonstration. We can show you the service via a web-based service called WebEx. Analyse Africa is a web-based application so there is no installation. We’ll talk you through the service over the telephone at your convenience. 

How do I subscribe to Analyse Africa?

Call us on +44 (0)20 7775 6900 or contact us.

Is this a Financial Times service?

Yes, Analyse Africa is a service from the Financial Times. It sits alongside resources such as This is Africa and fDi Intelligence, that provide insight and sophisticated tools for understanding and accessing markets in Africa. In addition, through FT Live, we provide events and conferences that bring business professionals together and deliver first class content relating to Africa.

What are limits on building reports?

Licence holders can download as much information as required, however to ensure the product performs, there are some limits on the size of individual reports that can be built. When building a report and all countries are selected you can select up to 20 indicators at any one time.